Jansport Gear and Why Everyone Should Buy Them

Today I want to give a little shout out to JanSport.  Their products are constructed to last through what ever you throw at it.  I have had the same backpack going on eleven years now!  I originally received my backpack when I was in fifth grade, and it has survived the beatings I put it through (getting shoved in a locker for seven years, numerous vacations, college shenanigans, etc.).  I really enjoy the backpack I own, and I have grown somewhat attached to the thing since I was given it all those years ago.  As crazy as it sounds I do not really want a different one; thankfully JanSport has a lifetime warranty on their products!

Near the end of last April the bottom on my backpack started ripping out.  I was dismayed to see this; first because I was not quite done with school for the year and secondly because I was perfectly happy with my current backpack.  I contacted the company and they instructed me to ship the backpack to them.  They would either fix it or give me a new one instead.  I received my repaired backpack a few weeks ago and I can say they did a great job with the repairs.

If you are looking for a backpack that can withstand large amounts of wear and tear with a great warranty I encourage you to invest in a JanSport bag.  It makes more sense to pay a little more up front in order to receive an amazing product.  If that is not enough motivation, then you should also know JanSport is a part of the Fair Labor Association which attempts to protect workers' rights and provide a safe workplace for workers' worldwide.

My trusty old JanSport Backpack
What are you waiting for?  Go get one of these awesome backpacks!


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